Nomination Form - Honorary Membership

The nomination form for Honorary Memberships is attached. The nominee does not have to be a current member of CBTF and, in fact, this award is particularly suited to recognizing a friend of the sport that is not an active member.

Completed Nomination Forms should be sent to the CBTF 1st Vice-President, Karen Gratton. Nominations may be sent by email to 1stvp [at] cbtf [dot] ca. They can also be sent by Regular Mail - please email 1stvp [at] cbtf [dot] ca and request instructions.

The nomination deadline for the Honorary Membership is May 1, 2016.

Please note: Any CBTF Member in good standing may make a nomination for Honorary Membership.

Nominees shall have served the CBTF on a national level for a minimum of three years however service to provincial bodies is also taken into consideration. Recipients of this award are no longer active in CBTF or the sport nor do they hold a current CBTF membership; however, their contributions as past members have had a long-lasting effect on the development of baton twirling as it is today in Canada and, possibly, at the international level. Honorary Members shall have the privilege of speaking, but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office or otherwise conduct the business of the Federation. They shall, however, be entitled to all services extended by the Federation to active members.

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Board Members

The current members of the CBTF Board of Directors are:

President Joanne Moser, ON
Past-President Jeff Johnson, ON
1st Vice-President Karen Gratton, BC
2nd Vice-President Beth Swain, AB
Secretary Cindy Dietrich, SK
Treasurer Michelle Bretherick, ON
Technical Chair Jeff Johnson, ON
Judges' Rep Amy Kalin, ON
Coaches' Rep Maureen Johnson, SK
Athlete's Rep Chantal Sutton, ON
British Columbia Chair Shannon Webster, BC
Alberta Chair Candy Tedford, AB
Saskatchewan Chair Theresa Porter, SK
Manitoba Chair Edie Parisian, MB
Ontario President Kim Genton, ON
Quebec President Julie Cushman, QC
New Brunswick Chair Nadine Lebelle-Dejario, NB
Nova Scotia Chair Kim Jollimore, NS


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Board Elections

CBTF Board of Directors members are elected to their positions for two-year terms. [Note: Provincial representatives to these bodies are elected according to each province's own by-laws.]

The CBTF recently adopted an alternating election system. Under this new system, some positions will be elected in even-numbered years and other positions will be elected in odd-numbered year.

At the 2009 election, and in the odd-numbered years following, the positions open for election will be:

  • President
  • 2nd Vice-President
  • Secretary

Also at the 2009 election, and in the odd-numbered years following, the Technical Committee positions open for election will be:

  • Judges Representative
  • Coaches Representative
  • Athletes Representative
  • Group Representative
  • Skills Development Program Representative
  • Sanction Officer

At the 2010 election, and in the even-numbered years following, the positions open for election will be:

  • 1st Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Technical Chair


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