2017 IC Qualifier Practice Gym Schedule

The Practice Gym schedule, as of May 2, is listed below.

  Main Floor Practise Floor
9-10 am Opening Ceremony Practise Run Setup
11 am-12 noon OTC SOBG
12 noon-1 pm SOBG MB
1-2 pm SOBG MB
2-3 pm MB OTC
3-4 pm OBTA OBTA
4-5 pm ABTA BNB
5-6 pm BNB ABTA
Opening Ceremony
7:30-8:30 pm OBTA SMI
  • A registered CBTF Level 2 or Level 3 Coach must be present during paid practice times.
  • The music system will be available for the competition gym (centre court).
  • Music may be used in the competition gym only.
  • There is one timeslot still available for rent. Please contact the Cindy LaBrash (cindy [dot] goldie [at] shaw [dot] ca) if you would like to secure this spot.
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