Preliminary Round Results

May 22, 2018 - Results from the preliminary round of the 2018 Canadian Team Trials in Hamilton, Ontario are attached below.

File Jr_Women_Compulsory_Moves_Recap.pdf19/05/18 11:04 pm14.1 KB
File Jr_Women_Preliminary_Recap.pdf22/05/18 8:00 am16.36 KB
File Sr_Women_Short_Program_Recap.pdf19/05/18 11:04 pm13.71 KB
File Sr_Women_Preliminary_Recap.pdf22/05/18 8:00 am13.96 KB
File Sr_Men_Short_Program_Recap.pdf19/05/18 11:04 pm11.11 KB
File Sr_Men_Preliminary_Recap.pdf22/05/18 8:02 am11.64 KB
File Jr_Pair_Prelim_Recap.pdf19/05/18 11:05 pm13.64 KB
File Sr_Pair_Prelim_Recap.pdf19/05/18 11:05 pm10.22 KB
File Team_Prelim_Recap.pdf19/05/18 11:05 pm11.53 KB
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