Long-Term Athlete Development Model

The CBTF Long-Term Athlete Development model is attached below.

It depicts 8 stages of participation: Read more »

International Cup Declaration Policy

WBTF rules are in place to ensure a fair and equitable competition at the International Cup, particularly in the B divisions. Any athlete who has placed in the Semi-Finals or Finals at a World Championship in any event may not compete in any B Level event at a WBTF Cup competition. Read more »

Music Labelling and Tagging

January 2017 - CBTF Protocol for music naming and tagging, revised as of September 2017.

Competition Director's Handbook

CBTF Competition Director's Handbook, effective December 2016.

Technical Association Professionalism Policy

The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) expects that a high standard of professional conduct will be maintained by all members of the CBTF Technical Association (ie: Judges, Coaches, SDP Adjudicators, Course Conductors).



CBTF Technical Association members shall: Read more »

Continuing Professional Development Program

At the 2014 Fall Conference, the CBTF Board of Directors approved a Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPED) Program, designed to foster the development of Coaches, Judges, and Officials, in order to advance amateur twirling in Canada. Read more »

Bye Policy


Athletes who are unable to compete at Provincial Winner/Championships or Provincial Team Trials due to injury, illness, bereavement or other extenuating circumstances may apply for a Bye to the next level of competition.

An athlete granted a Bye does not count towards the number of berths available to his/her province. Read more »

Course Conductor Selection Procedures

Revision 6 - March 2015

  Read more »

CBTF Competition Awards Policy

CBTF expects all Competition Directors to maintain a sporting image as they select and design awards for their competitions.

This CBTF Policy regarding Competition Awards was updated at the 2013 CBTF Fall Conference. Read more »

WBTF Event Tie-Breaking Process Quick Reference

Revised September 2013.

A 'quick reference' summary of the tie-breaking process for the WBTF events is attached. It is meant as a summary tool, not as a replacement for a proper understanding of the CBTF technical rulebook.

This quick reference shows the tie-breaking requirements for different levels of competition.