April 27, 2010 Update Newsletter

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Go Away Travel Program

In January 2009, Go Away Travel was selected as CBTF's official travel sponsor. Under this sponsorship agreement, CBTF as well as its members and friends will all directly benefit. Go Away Travel will return a portion of the commission generated from each booking to the party paying for the reservation. This means that individuals, using their CBTF Go Away Travel Referral, will be able to directly reduce the cost of their travel. CBTF will also receive a portion of the commission generated from all referred bookings.

For the 12 month period ending in October 2009, CBTF members received almost $700 in commission rebates under this program.

Anyone is eligible to benefit from this program - CBTF provinces as well as CBTF members and their friends. To be eligible for a commission rebate, travellers are encouraged to use the online Travel Referral form on the CBTF website.

CBTF Special Awards

Nomination forms for several CBTF Special Awards (Lifetime Achievement Award, Volunteer of the Year, Honorary Membership and Executive of the Year) are available on the website.

Any CBTF Member may make a nomination for the Lifetime Achievement and Volunteer of the Year awards. Only CBTF Board Members may make a nomination for the Honorary Membership and Executive of the Year awards. Nominations for these awards must be submitted to Joanne Moser, CBTF 1st Vice-President, by May 31, 2010 (June 15 for Executive of the Year).

Nomination information for the Lynda Garland Award of Excellence is also available on the website. Nominations for this award must be submitted to Lynda Garland directly, by May 31, 2010.

2010 Canadian Winner/Championships Brochure & Entry Forms

The Brochure and Entry Forms have now been posted online. The most up-to-date source of information for the Canadians competition - hotels, schedule, forms, etc - is the 2010 Canadians on the CBTF website at http://www.cbtf.ca/canadians2010.

As in the past, each provincial entry package must be postmarked no later than 7 business days following the last day of the provincial event. An exception to this is Ontario - their package must be submitted no later than June 1, 2010.

Pride of Canada Clinic

With this year's Canadians, the Pride of Canada Clinic is split into two parts. The morning will be a clinic open to all athletes. Members of the Canadian Contingent to the WBTF World Championships will be on-hand for autograph and 'fan photographs' and to assist during clinic sessions. All athletes are encouraged to attend - this is a great way to get a start on material for the next year as well as meeting our World athletes.

Information about classes and clinicians will be posted on the 2010 Canadians pages as it becomes available.

The afternoon will be a private session for the Canadian Contingent to help them prepare for the WBTF World Championships in Bergen, Norway. Information for the ContingentClinic portion will be provided at the 2010 Canadian Team Trials in Regina.

Athletes attending Canadians can register for the Clinic as part of their Entry package. Parents, and athletes not attending Canadians, can still register but must complete the Registration Form contained in the Canadians General Information package. Coaches are also invited to attend the clinic - registration information will be posted on the Coach & Judge Interaction Forum shortly.

Canadians Fundraising Events

NHL Playoff Hockey Pool: OBTA ran a regular season hockey pool this fall and it was a tremendous success - over 300 pool sheets were sold generating funds for both the OBTA and the clubs. The benefits of doing a pool are many, including that it is FAST, SIMPLE, and FUN! That concept is being extended to use the NHL Playoffs as a fundraising opportunity for the Canadian Championships.

The pool sheets have been created and can be downloaded from the website, at: http://www.cbtf.ca/article/2010-cbtf-hockey-pool-fundraiser. Club Directors/managers have been asked to distribute the sheets to their club members. The club members “sell” the sheets and return the filled-out pool sheets to the Club Director with their money. The Club Director collects the sheets, money, and then sends all the sheets to Jen Meron directly, along with one cheque (payable to "OBTA") to cover all the sales.

This Friday April 30 is the date that your Hockey Pool forms and club cheques must be mailed (postmarked). Clubs should please submit a single cheque, payable to "OBTA", with their pool forms.

The Pool package (forms and cheque) must be mailed to:

Jennifer Meron
2 Harmon Avenue
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 5H1

Lynda Garland Golf Tournament: Sunday July 4, the day before the competition begins, is reserved for a fundraising golf tournament in the York University area. The golf event will includea round of golf, a meal, and plenty of fun! Foursome sheets and payment information will be posted online.

Canadians Hotels

Three Official Hotels have been selected for visitors to the 2010 Canadian Baton Twirling Championships. These hotels all represent great value and offer a variety of amenities.With the assistance of Tourism Toronto, special group rates have been negotiated. To take advantage of these rates, and to be included as part of the Canadian Championships group, clubs/visitors must contact the Westmont Hospitality Sales Office via email (north_yorkcluster [at] whg [dot] com) or via phone (1-866-259-3501) and ask for the "OBTA Group Rate" for the Canadian Championships. Complete information is available on the 2010 Canadians Facilities page.

Competition Venue

Canadians Dining Plan: To make breakfast, lunch and supper easier on those busy and unpredictable competition days, a Dining Plan is being arranged with one of the campus restaurants for a Dining Plan -tickets can be pre-purchased and then redeemed on-site. Request forms and payment information will be posted online.

Parking: York University has a number of paid parking lots on campus. Parking Passes in a designated parking lot close to Tait McKenzie will be available for advance purchase only. Request forms and payment information will be posted online.