April 4, 2011 Newsletter

Twirling For Japan Artwork

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Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fundraising Efforts

We have all witnessed the devastation of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. The magnitude of the disaster seems to grow each day, with almost 30,000 people reported dead or missing and over 550,000 displaced from their homes.

The world baton twirling community has also come together with a variety of fundraising efforts - all geared toward raising funds that will specifically be used to help our twirling friends in need.

The CBTF has partnered with the USTA with a wristband fundraiser. The wristbands are being distributed to the provinces so they can be used to raise funds for earthquake & tsunami relief for the Japanese baton twirling community.

In addition, the CBTF has partnered with the German Twirling Association (DTSV), member country of the WBTF to produce a set of 'Twirling For Japan' shirts and other merchandise - all proceeds will be directed toward earthquake & tsunami relief for the Japanese baton twirling community.



2011 CBTF Elections

2011 is an election year for several positions on the CBTF Executive and Technical Committees. Further details regarding the nomination and election process are posted on the CBTF website.

Position Nomination Period Election Period
Judges' Representative February 4, 2011 - April 15, 2011 May 5, 2011 - June 20, 2011
Coaches' Representative February 4, 2011 - April 15, 2011 May 5, 2011 - June 20, 2011
Athletes' Representative February 4, 2011 - April 15, 2011 May 5, 2011 - June 20, 2011
President March 30, 2011 - May 30, 2011 At 2011 AGM
2nd Vice-President March 30, 2011 - May 30, 2011 At 2011 AGM
Secretary March 30, 2011 - May 30, 2011 At 2011 AGM
SDP Representative March 30, 2011 - May 30, 2011 At 2011 AGM
Group Events Representative March 30, 2011 - May 30, 2011 At 2011 AGM
Sanction Officer March 30, 2011 - May 30, 2011 At 2011 AGM

Any CBTF member in good standing may make a nomination for any of the positions listed above.


CBTF Special Award Nominations

Each year, at Nationals, CBTF is proud to present a number of Special Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award, Volunteer of the Year, Sharon Holliday Award, Honorary Membership, Executive of the Year.

Nomination forms will be posted on the CBTF website in the new year.

Award Nomination Deadline Who May Nominate
Lifetime Achievement Award May 31, 2011 Any CBTF Member
Volunteer of the Year May 31, 2011 Any CBTF Member
Sharon Holliday Award May 31, 2011 Any CBTF Member
Lynda Garland's Award For Excellence May 31, 2011 Any CBTF Member
Honorary Membership May 31, 2011 CBTF Board members

Past recipients of these awards can be found on the Special Awards page.


Attention All Competition Directors

All Competition Directors are required to submit the results from their competitions within 7 days of the end of the competition (Motion 37, 2007 Fall Board Meeting).

To help facilitate this submission, we have created an online form on CBTF.CA. When you use this form, your results are automatically sent to the CBTF Data Entry Coordinator. You can submit your results in a variety of electronic formats: Plain Text file, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, JPG (in case you scan a hardcopy) and even a ZIP file.

This new online form can be accessed at: Competition Results Submission form.


Fundraising Reminders

As members of CBTF, there are a variety of fundraising opportunities that you can help raise money for you, your club, and CBTF. Have a look...

Coast to Coast Cookbook

Some copies may be available from your provincial organization - check with your Provincial Chairperson to find out about availability. Copies are also available for purchase from the CBTF Store. The CBTF Store uses PayPal for payment processing - you can pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account - but a PayPal account is not required.


With so many MP3 players out there, consider using FundTunes for your music purchases. Through a fundraising partnership between FundTunes and Universal Music Canada, you can now purchase your favourite tracks for your music collection and raise money for Canada’s baton twirlers at the same time!

On the CBTF Page at FundTunes.com, you purchase 3-song and 5-song music bundles. FundTunes sends a PIN code by email that is used on the ChooseYourSongs website as payment for the songs to be downloaded. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is returned directly to CBTF.

Buying music and giving to charity is a great experience. We invite you to buy some music for yourself or e-gift to a friend. Either way, you’ll be giving back and getting some great music!  

Go Away Travel

In January, 2009, Go Away Travel was named the CBTF Travel Sponsor and launched a commission-sharing arrangement for the benefit of all CBTF supporters. In the past two years, that program has generated almost $1,500 in commissions for those supporters.

Consider using Go Away Travel for all of your travel needs - whether they are baton-related, personal or business. Under the CBTF Travel Sponsor program, CBTF as well as its members and friends will all directly benefit. Go Away Travel returns a portion of the commission generated from each booking to the party paying for the reservation. This means that individuals, using their CBTF Go Away Travel Referral, will be able to directly reduce the cost of their travel. CBTF will also receive a portion of the commission generated from all referred bookings.

Go Away Travel may be contacted by email (rmcmast [at] telus [dot] net) or using the Travel Referral Form on the cbtf.ca website. When contacting Go Away Travel, be sure to indicate that you have been referred by the CBTF as part of the CBTF Travel Program to be eligible for your commission rebate.

Shop and Support Program

The Shop and Support Program provides a new way for clubs to raise money on a consistent basis through their supporters' everyday shopping. Clubs purchase gift cards and certificates at a discount. The club sells them at full-face value and keeps the difference for fundraising activities. Your supporters use the cards & certificates to purchase goods and services at 100's of national and local establishments, including leading retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

To participate, the CBTF club enrols with Shop & Support using the Shop & Support Program Enrolment Form. Upon successful enrolment, the club coordinator will receive an information package and can begin processing orders right away. Sample Order Forms and a template 'Dear Supporter' letter, are also available in the CBTF Document Library.

And - for those clubs going to Canadians - check out the great fundraising opportunity to save money on your hotel stay in Winnipeg!

Canadian Results from the 2011 Congressional Cup Invitational

Four CBTF athletes competed at the recent Congressional Cup 2011 Invitational competition held at Mount St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

CBTF athletes invited to participate in the Invitational were:

  • Chloe Ceulemans, Sundown Optimist Buffalo Gals, Regina
  • Kayla McKinnon, Sundown Optimist Buffalo Gals, Regina
  • Kiera West, Sundown Optimist Buffalo Gals, Regina
  • Matthew Johnson, Tornados, Toronto

Judges are also invited from the different organizations - Kim Genton was invited as a CBTF Judge.

Men and Women compete in separate divisions. There are no age divisions in the Invitational. In the Women's division, Canada's highest placing athletes were:

  • Kiera West finished 12th in Solo
  • Kiera West finished 4th in 2-Baton (including a 1st and a 2nd from two judges on the 4-judge panel)
  • Kiera West finished 6th in Freestyle (including a 1st and a 4th from two judges on the 4-judge panel)
  • Kiera West finished 8th in the overall result

In the Men's division, Matthew Johnson placed 3rd in Solo, 2-Baton and Freestyle, returning a 3rd in the overall result.

Complete results and photos are posted on the CBTF website.


2011 International Cup Qualifier

The competition is scheduled to occur over the long weekend on May. Provincial/Club practice time will be available on Friday May 20 and the competition will be held on May 21 and 22 at Mount Royal College in Calgary.

The most up-to-date source of information for the competition - hotels, schedule, forms, etc - is the CBTF website. The 2011 International Cup Qualifier has a set of pages, located at http://www.cbtf.ca/trials2011. Already you can find details about:

If you have questions about the International Cup Declaration Process, have a look at the CBTF Declarations FAQ - your question might already be answered. If not, please use the Contact Us page to get an answer.


2011 Canadian Winner/Championships

The competition is scheduled to occur in the first full week in July at the University of Manitoba Athletic Centre in Winnipeg.

The most up-to-date source of information for the competition - hotels, schedule, forms, etc - is the CBTF website. The 2011 Canadians have a set of pages, located at http://www.cbtf.ca/canadians2011. Already you can find details about:

Money-Saving Opportunity!

Here's a special money-saving or fundraising opportunity for clubs staying at the Host Hotel - the Best Western Pembina Inn and Suites...

  1. Register your club in the CBTF Shop & Support program. For more details: Shop & Support Your Club
  2. Use Best Western Gift Cards to pay for their hotel room at Canadians. These cards earn a 5% commission when purchased from Shop & Support.
  3. Share that 5% commission with your members - they can save some money and your club has an easy fundraiser!


2011 International Cup

The 2011 WBTF International Cup will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, August 4 through August 7. We are very pleased to announced that Canada will be sending 3 judges to the competition - Ron Kopas, Brenda Cooper and Deardra Leslie. You can also read the complete judge selection announcement on the website.

Once the Contingent members are announced, you can have a look at their individual biographies in our Resources | National Teams section.

And, once the competition is underway, you can follow their progress on our 2011 International Cup Results page.



WBTF Update

Winter Technical Meeting

The WBTF Minutes from both the Technical Advisors and Judges Committee meetings, held at the 2011 WBTF Winter Technical Meeting in Jacksonville, are now available to all CBTF Technical Association Members. There are also reports from our representatives to those meetings - Elan Paluck (Technical Advisors Meeting) and Ron Kopas (Judges Committee Meeting).

These Minutes and Reports are available in the WBTF Winter Technical Meeting 2011 article in the Document Library. To access this article, Technical Association Members will need to log in to the CBTF.CA website with your username and password.

The Olympic Dream

The WBTF Board of Directors recently decided to pursue Associate Member status with the International DanceSport Federation. A key motivator for this decision is to further the WBTF's goal of seeing Baton Twirling introduced as an Olympic Sport. By 1992, the IDSF had become a full member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (SportAccord), an umbrella organisation made up of more than 100 sports governing bodies. Soon thereafter, DanceSport was recognised by the International Olympic Committee and thus became eligible to be included in the Olympic Programme.

One immediate affect of this decision is that the CBTF will be modifying its Constitution & By-Laws, in particular to affirm our organization's commitment to anti-doping in our sport.

Member Countries

  • The Russian Federation was recently accepted as a provisional member of the WBTF.
  • Puerto Rico, previously admitted as a Provisional Member, is continuing on the full member track. They expect to be fielding a contingent at the upcoming International Cup in Jacksonville.
  • India has now completed all the requirements, necessary paperwork and by-laws to be accepted for membership. Their formal application is expected to be heard at the WBTF's Summer Board Meeting.


Twirling Tips Section Added to CBTF.CA

We have added a new section to the website in the Programs | Athletes area - Twirling Tips.

This section is managed by our Athletes' Representative, Sara Thibeault. On a regular basis, Sara will be posting articles with a focus on information that is valuable to our athletes. Three articles have already been posted:

If you have a subject that you would like to see discussed, or, if you have an article that you would like to see posted, please contact sara [dot] thibeault [at] gmail [dot] com (subject: Athlete%20Twirling%20Tips) (Sara) directly.


Baton Twirling Promotional Video

The WBTF has created an exciting video that demonstrates and promotes the sport of baton twirling. You can have a look on our website: Baton Twirling Promo Video.