March 14, 2010 Update Newsletter


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2010 Canadian Championships

The most up-to-date source of information for the Canadians competition - hotels, schedule, forms, etc - is the CBTF website. The 2010 Canadians have a set of pages, located at

Competition Brochure and Entry Forms

The Brochure and Entry Forms will be posted online within the next few weeks. As in the past, each provincial entry package must be postmarked no later than 7 business days following the last day of the provincial event. An exception to this is Ontario - their package must be submitted no later than June 1, 2010.

Competition Venue & Other Facilities

Venue: The competition venue this year is the Tait McKenzie Centre at York University. Please note that York University is a public facility - Athletes must prepare in the dressing rooms provided for costume change, applying make-up, etc. No makeup is permitted in practice gym or bleachers.

Dining Plan: To make breakfast, lunch and supper easier on those busy and unpredictable competition days, a Dining Plan is being arranged with one of the campus restaurants for a Dining Plan -tickets can be pre-purchased and then redeemed on-site. Request forms and payment information will be posted online.

Parking: York University has a number of paid parking lots on campus. Parking Passes in a designated parking lot close to Tait McKenzie will be available for advance purchase only. Request forms and payment information will be posted online.

Hotels: Three Official Hotels have been selected for visitors to the 2010 Canadian Baton Twirling Championships. These hotels all represent great value and offer a variety of amenities.With the assistance of Tourism Toronto, special group rates have been negotiated. To take advantage of these rates, and to be included as part of the Canadian Championships group, clubs/visitors must contact the Westmont Hospitality Sales Office via email (north_yorkcluster [at] whg [dot] com) or via phone (1-866-259-3501) and ask for the "OBTA Group Rate" for the Canadian Championships. Complete information is available on the 2010 Canadians Facilities page.

Car Rental: Special rates have been negotiated with Avis and Budget. Complete information is available on the 2010 Canadians Facilities page.

Fundraising Events

Several different fundraising events are planned for this year's competition. The funds generated from these events are used to defray the costs of the competition and provide some fun for everyone that participates!

Golf Tournament: The "Wayne & Lynda Garland" golf tournament is planned for Sunday July 4. This is being designed as a fun event - duffers and experts alike are welcome!

NHL Playoff Hockey Pool: An NHL Playoff Hockey Pool will be introduced as a fundraising program for the event. Pool sheets will be sold before the playoffs begin - cash prizes for pool winners, along with performance prizes for the athletes selling the pool sheets.

Pride of Canada Clinic

With this year's Canadians, the Pride of Canada Clinic will consist of two parts. The morning will be a clinic open to all athletes. Members of the Canadian Contingent to the WBTF World Championships will be on-hand for autograph and 'fan photographs' and to assist during clinic sessions. All athletes are encouraged to attend - this is a great way to get a start on material for the next year as well as meeting our World athletes. Information about classes and clinicians will be posted on the 2010 Canadians pages as it becomes available.

The afternoon will be a private session for the Canadian Contingent to help them prepare for the WBTF World Championships in Bergen, Norway.

Freestyle & Pairs Competition

The 2010 Canadian Winner/Championships will include a WBTF-style Freestyle & Pairs competition, for both Level A and Level B athletes.

  • Level B events will use CBTF age divisions
    • Freestyle: Primary (7-8), Juvenile (9-11), Junior (12-14), Senior (15-17), Collegiate (18 & over)
    • Pairs: Primary (14-16), Juvenile (17-22), Junior (23-28), Senior (29-34), Collegiate (35 & over)
    • Age is calculated using the CBTF rule: age at the end of December 31, 2009
  • Level B (Freestyle & Pairs) time limits are as follows:
    • Primary, Juvenile, Junior: 1:30 - 2:00
    • Senior: 1:30 - 2:30
    • Collegiate: 2:00 - 2:30
    • All time limits have a 10-second leeway on either side
  • Level A events will use WBTF age divisions
    • Junior (12-16), Senior (17 & over)
    • Pairs: Junior (both athletes 16 or under), Senior (either/both athletes 17 or over)
    • Age is calculated using the WBTF rule: age by the end of December 31, 2010
  • Level A (Freestyle & Pairs) time limits follow the WBTF rules, as follows
    • Junior: 1:30 - 2:00
    • Senior: 1:30 - 2:30
    • All time limits have a 10-second leeway on either side

The Compulsory Set for the Level A Junior divisions will be the same Set as drawn by the WBTF for the World Championships. This is scheduled to be announced by the WBTF at the beginning of May. The Level B athletes (all age divisions) will perform the other Compulsory Set.

Freestyle athletes will perform Compulsories/Short Program and Freestyle - their score will be calculated using WBTF tabulation procedures (ie. 25% Compulsories/Short Program, 75% Freestyle).

The Level B competition is open to all athletes that have qualified by competing in their Provincial Level B event.

The Level A competition is open to all athletes that have qualified by competing in their Provincial Level A event (PLEASE NOTE: This is a change from what was published in the Fall Board Meeting Minutes - the Level A competition is open to all Level A athletes, whether or not they become members of the Canadian Contingent to the World Championships).


2010 Canadian Team Trials

The most up-to-date source of information for the Trials competition - hotels, schedule, forms, etc - is the CBTF website. The 2010 Trials have a set of pages, located at

The Compulsory Set for the Junior divisions will be announced in May - after the WBTF makes their Compulsory Set selection for the World Championships.

Competition Brochure and Entry Forms

The competition Brochure and Entry Form are now available on the CBTF website. Please note that there are new entry procedures as well as a new process for music tests. Please review the information, and deadlines, in the brochure. To highlight a few of the key differences from prior years:

  • Provincial Practice: There will be no official provincial practices. Provinces and/or clubs are encouraged to book paid practice time if they desire additional time beyond that which is being offered during the course of the competition.
  • Access to Competition Sound System During Paid Practice time: There will be no access to the facility’s sound system during paid provincial practice times. A portable CD player will be made available for your use.
  • Music Test Procedure: All athletes/Teams/Pairs are required to submit (one) copy of their music on CD with their entry forms. These will be timed and checked to ensure they play on the sound system prior to the competition. Coaches will be notified well in advance of the competition should there be a problem. There will be no formal music tests conducted prior to competition.
  • Photograph: Every Freestyle athlete participating in the Canadian Team Trials must submit an individual (head shot) photo. Pair athletes must submit one Pairs photo. Teams must submit one Team photo. Photos are to be submitted electronically, following the naming conventions outlined in the brochure.

Competition Venue & Other Facilities

The competition is being held at the Centre for Kinesiology, Health & Sport at the University of Regina.

The Host Hotel is the Regina Travelodge South. Visit the CBTF website ( for booking information for the host and other hotels.


World Championships

On February 5, Karen Gratton announced that the Worlds Selection Committee completed its work. The two judges selected to represent Canada at the 2010 WBTF World Championships in Bergen, Norway will be Ron Kopas and Tina Larson. In addition to their judging duties, they will also be representing Canada at the WBTF Technical Committee and Judges Committee Meetings held in Bergen before the competition begins.

This year marked a change in the process of choosing Canada's judges to the World Championships. The CBTF Executive selected one judge and the second judge was selected by a committee composed of two Canadian coaches with recent experience at the World Championships (Loren Dermody and Maureen Johnson), two Canadian judges certified to judge the WBTF events (Gail Ashcroft and Lucinda McMaster), and two technical members familiar with WBTF competitions and procedures (Karen Gratton and Elan Paluck). The CBTF Board extends its thanks to this group for the thought and consideration they put into determining their choice for Canada's judge.

On March 2, we announced that Steven Kopas was selected to be the Team Manager for the Canadian Contingent to the 2010 WBTF World Championships in Bergen, Norway. The selection committee consisted of: Joanne Moser (CBTF 1st Vice-President), Beth Jamieson (CBTF 2nd Vice-President) and Karen Gratton (CBTF Technical Chair). The committee was chaired by Jeff Johnson (CBTF President).

Steven has a long history in baton twirling. Internationally, he represented Canada at the WBTF World Championships every year from 1993 through 1997, placing 5th in the Junior Men division in 1994 and 6th in the Senior Men division in 1997. Steven will be working with the Coaches, Athletes and Judges named to the 2010 Canadian Contingent in the months leading up to the event.


WBTF Winter Technical Meetings

In mid-February, the WBTF held its annual Winter Technical Meetings in Bergen, Norway. These meetings inolved both judge and technical representatives from the WBTF countries. Canada sent Ron Kopas and Karen Gratton.

Historically, the Winter Technical Meetings are a very active 'working' meetings and this year was no exception. Minutes of the Technical Meeting and reports from Karen and Ron have been posted in the Document Library of the CBTF website and are available to all Board, Technical Committee and CBTF Type C members (direct link: WBTF Winter Technical Meeting 2010). Users must login to the website in order to access that page.


Elections at 2010 AGM

Nominations for positions on the CBTF Executive and Technical Committee are now being accepted. Both the nominator and the nominee must be CBTF members. The following positions are up for election at the 2010 AGM:

  • 1st Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Technical Chair
  • Group Events Representative

The deadline for nominations to be received by the Nomination Committee is April 1, 2010 (refer to the Nomination Form for mail, fax and email addresses). Elections will be held at the CBTF Annual General Meeting, during the Canadian Championships in Toronto, Ontario.

The Nomination Form and further details can be found on the CBTF.CA website at:


CBTF Cookbook

The submission deadline for the  CBTF Cookbook project was extended to March 15. Recipes can continue to be submitted as long as the submission form remains online ( If you or anyone in your club/province still has recipes to submit, please get them in as soon as possible - the submission form will be removed without notice and once it is gone, the cookbook will be closed!

For a current view of the top submittors, by province, club and individual, have a look at the CBTF Cookbook Challenge post in our General Forum.