November 30, 2010 Newsletter - Fundraising

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Inside this Update:

Coast to Coast Cookbook

Some copies may be available from your provincial organization - check with your Provincial Chairperson to find out about availability.

Copies are also available for purchase from the CBTF Store. The CBTF Store uses PayPal for payment processing - you can pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account - but a PayPal account is not required.



Today, the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation announced a new fundraising program for its members and supporters - FundTunes. Through a fundraising partnership between FundTunes and Universal Music Canada, you can now purchase your favourite tracks for your music collection and raise money for Canada’s baton twirlers at the same time!

On the CBTF Page at, you purchase 5-pack and 10-pack music bundles. FundTunes sends a PIN code by email that is used on the ChooseYourSongs website as payment for the songs to be downloaded. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is returned directly to CBTF.

Buying music and giving to charity is a great experience. We invite you to buy some music for yourself or e-gift to a friend. Either way, you’ll be giving back and getting some great music!


Go Away Travel

In January, 2009, Go Away Travel was named the CBTF Travel Sponsor and launched a commission-sharing arrangement for the benefit of all CBTF supporters. In the past two years, that program has generated almost $1,500 in commissions for those supporters.

We urge you to consider using Go Away Travel for all of your travel needs - whether they are baton-related, personal or business. Under the CBTF Travel Sponsor program, CBTF as well as its members and friends will all directly benefit. Go Away Travel returns a portion of the commission generated from each booking to the party paying for the reservation. This means that individuals, using their CBTF Go Away Travel Referral, will be able to directly reduce the cost of their travel. CBTF will also receive a portion of the commission generated from all referred bookings.

Go Away Travel may be contacted by email (rmcmast [at] telus [dot] net) or using the Travel Referral Form on the website. When contacting Go Away Travel, be sure to indicate that you have been referred by the CBTF as part of the CBTF Travel Program to be eligible for your commission rebate.


Shop and Support Program

Today, the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation announced a new fundraising program that provides CBTF clubs a new revenue stream to help support their baton twirling activities: Shop & Support.

The Shop and Support Program provides a new way for clubs to raise money on a consistent basis through their supporters' everyday shopping. Clubs purchase gift cards and certificates at a discount. The club sells them at full-face value and keeps the difference for fundraising activities. Your supporters use the cards & certificates to purchase goods and services at 100's of national and local establishments, including leading retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

To participate, the CBTF club enrols with Shop & Support using the Shop & Support Program Enrolment Form. Upon successful enrolment, the club coordinator will receive an information package and can begin processing orders right away. Sample Order Forms and a template 'Dear Supporter' letter, are also available in the CBTF Document Library.