September 21, 2010 Update Newsletter

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Inside this Update:

Coast to Coast Cookbook

Some copies may be available from your provincial organization - check with your Provincial Chairperson to find out about availability.

Copies are also available for purchase from the CBTF Store. The CBTF Store uses PayPal for payment processing - you can pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account - but a PayPal account is not required.


CBTF Registration

The new season is underway and clubs and members should be receiving your CBTF Registration packages - many of you have probably received them already.

Please take a moment and check that your contact information is up-to-date and correct. In particular, please ensure that you have included an email address - we are using email more and more to reach our membership and keep our administrative costs low.

Also, the CBTF.CA website is also used to communicate information - we encourage you to check it regularly. The Event Calendar ( is full of fall clinics, seminars and meetings. As the competition schedule is developed, those events will be included in the national calendar.


Provincial Meetings

With the start of the new season, this is also the time that each of the provinces hold their annual Fall Meetings.

  • BC
  • Alberta: September 25/26
  • Saskatchewan: November 7
  • Manitoba: October 24
  • Ontario: September 19
  • Quebec: September 18
  • New Brunswick: September 25

All CBTF members are encouraged to become involved and attend the annual meeting in your own province.


2010 Canadian Winner/Championships

The 2010 Canadian Winner/Championship competition in Toronto was held at the beginning of July. Thanks and congratulations to the Ontario Baton Twirling Association for hosting such a wonderful competition.

In addition to the competition itself, several CBTF Special Awards were presented during the competition:

  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT – Kim Genton & Loranne Meek
  • EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR – Saskatchewan
  • JUNIOR MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR (2009) – Mathew Johnson
  • OVERALL ATHLETE OF THE YEAR (2009) – Kayla McKinnon
  • PAIR/TEAM OF THE YEAR (2009) – Kayla McKinnon & Sara Thibeault and Brigitte Moser & Chloe Ceulemans
  • JUNIOR CHALLENGE CUP (2010) – Lissa Ann McGaghey
  • SENIOR CHALLENGE CUP (2010) – Sara Thibeault
  • GROUP CHALLENGE CUP (2010) – Sundown Optimist Buffalo Gals

Complete results from the competition are available on the CBTF.CA website (

At this year's competition, the Pride of Canada Clinic for the World Championships Contingent was extended to include an Open Clinic on the morning of Saturday July 10. Renowned Canadian coaches/judges, with the assistance of the athletes representing Canada at the WBTF World Championships, made for an enjoyable and instructive clinic for everyone that attended. Thanks to all athletes for your support, and to Maureen Johnson for volunteering to organize the clinic.


2010 Canadian Team Trials and WBTF World Championships

Over the May long weekend, the 2010 Canadian Team Trials were held in Regina. Thanks and congratulations go to the Saskatchewan Baton Twirling Association - the host organization for the Canadian Team Trials. The competition was combined with the Queen City Classic Open competition and has provided an excellent template for future Trials events.

The Contingent that was selected at those Trials went on to compete at the WBTF World Championship in Bergen, Norway at the beginning of August. Congratulations to:

  • Junior Women: Kiera West, Sara Black, Chloe Ceulemans, Brigitte Moser (alternate)
  • Junior Men: Matthew Johnson
  • Junior Pairs: Chloe Ceulemans & Brigitte Moser
  • Senior Women: Sara Thibeault, Danielle Priel, Kayla McKinnon, Amy Genton (alternate)
  • Senior Pairs: Sara Thibeault & Kayla McKinnon
  • Team: Alliance

Complete results from the Canadian Trials are available on the CBTF.CA website (

At the World Championships, our Canadian athletes turned in outstanding performances, leading Canada 4th place finish in the overall World Cup standings.

Complete results from the WBTF World Championships are also available on the CBTF.CA website (


2011 International Cup Qualifier

The 2011 WBTF International Cup will be held August 4-7, 2011, in Jacksonville, Florida. The WBTF introduced International Cup competition in 2005 in order to provide more opportunities for athletes to experience international competition. When compared to the WBTF World Championships, the International Cup offers more events (Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Artistic Twirl, Artistic Pairs, Team and Group), with more age divisons (Junior, Senior and Adult) and at more skill levels (B, A and Elite).

As with the 2009 International Cup, CBTF is using a Declaration process for the 2011 WBTF International Cup. Individuals, Pairs, Teams and Groups register their intent to compete by completing Declaration Forms and submitting a deposit. These Declarations and Deposits must be received by October 15, 2010.

Declaration Forms are available on the CBTF website: International Cup 2011 Declarations. That same page also contains CBTF guidelines for choosing the correct WBTF Level.

Information from the WBTF Manual for all International Cup rules and regulations is publicly available on the CBTF website on the International Cup 2011 Rules and Regulations page. Those Rules and Regulations also include WBTF's philosophy statement regarding equitable competition (page 2) and their content restriction rules (pages 8 and 9) for each Level.

Event guidelines and music for the new Artistic Twirl and Artistic Pairs events is also available on the CBTF website (WBTF Artistic Twirl & Pairs Event Information), but access is restricted to CBTF Type C members only.

Based on the numbers of individuals, pairs, teams and groups that declare, CBTF will determine which events, age divisions, and levels require a Qualifier competition. For each given Event/Level/Division:

  • if there are fewer declarations than Canada is allowed to send to the International Cup, no qualifer competition will be required. Also, that Event/Level/Division will be closed to any future declarations.
  • If there are more declarations than Canada is allowed to send to the International Cup, a qualifer competition will be required. That particular Event/Level/Division will be open to all interested entrants.

The International Cup Qualifier will be held during the May 20-23, 2011 weekend in Calgary, Alberta. Further information about that competition, including entry forms and fees, will be posted in early 2011.

With this year's event in our continental back yard, we are hoping that Canada will represented by its largest group of athletes ever.