2020 Fall Conference Minutes

Minutes from the various meetings that were held at the 2020 Fall Conference are attached:

  • Fall Conference Motion List (2020 Fall Conference Summary of Motions.pdf)
  • Fall Technical Committee Meeting (2020 FTM Minutes - For Distribution.pdf)
  • Joint Board & Technical Committee Meeting (2020 CBTF FBM Joint Meeting_Minutes.pdf)
  • Fall Executive Meeting (2020 CBTF FEM_Minutes for Approval.pdf)
  • Fall Board Meeting (2020 CBTF FBM_Minutes for Approval.pdf)

As well as supporting material from those meetings:

  • Joint Board & Technical Committee Meeting: USTA Safety Plan (USTA Safety & Reopening plan and Handbook Final 8_3_2020.pdf)
  • Board Meeting: 2020-23 Budget Projections (2020 - 2023 Budgets.pdf)
  • Board Meeting: Complaints Officer proposal (CBTF Complaints Officer.pdf)
  • Board Meeting: Honours & Awards proposed revisions (CBTF Honours & Awards_September 2020.pdf)