Application Form - CBTF Social Change Award

The application form for the CBTF Social Change Award is attached.

Completed Application Forms should be sent to the CBTF 1st Vice-President, Karen Gratton. Applications may be sent by email to 1stvpatcbtf [dot] ca - this is the preferred method. If Regular Mail is necessary, first email 1stvpatcbtf [dot] ca and request instructions.

The deadline to complete and submit the application form is: May 1, 2024.

Please note: Applications shall be accepted from any current CBTF individual, club or provincial organization member.

The purpose of this award is to highlight and celebrate the work being done related to social justice issues by members of the CBTF community. CBTF supports and encourages its athletes to get involved in social justice matters as this is an important part of their development as a human.

Examples of social justice issues include social movements (examples: Black Lives Matter, Anti-Asian racism), causes (examples: fighting cancer and other diseases, combating homelessness, food security, climate change) and social issues (examples: bullying, LGBTQ2S+ initiatives, mental health).