Jennifer Meron moved that the markings of the basketball court at the competition facility be used. If no markings are provided, the 50 x 84 markings will be used, this being the minimum floor size. To be implemented on a one year trial basis.


  Laura Jean moved that tarp flooring shall not be considered safe for use in CBTF Events.


1999 SBM MOTION #5

Ron Kopas moved that the following guideline be established to determine boundaries for lane sizes at CBTF sanctioned competitions:

Compulsory moves, Pre-events, Solo, 2-Baton & Duet - 15 feet (wide)
Medley, Solo Dance Twirl - 30 feet (wide)


2013 Board eVote eVote B13-04

Move that the flooring surfaces used for all CBTF-sanctioned competitions and events (eg: clinics, workshops) must be deemed suitable for baton twirling and safe for athletes by the Event Directors (and, if necessary, in consultation with the CBTF Technical Chairperson). Wooden flooring shall be considered the most favorable choice and all attempts to secure a facility with a wooden floor shall be made; however flooring that is also used for other sporting or dance activities (eg: "TempoTile") shall be deemed acceptable.


  • All attempts shall be made to secure a facility where the practice area flooring is of the same material as that of the main competition floor.
  • No tarp (ie: heavy plastic) shall be permitted to be placed on top of the permanent flooring surface during baton twirling events.
  • Soccer Pitch flooring (sticky, sponge-like material) shall not be permitted for any baton twirling events.
  • Concrete flooring is not recommended and shall be avoided, if at all possible.
  • Flooring shall be properly cleaned and maintained by facility officials to avoid stickiness, being too smooth (causing athletes to slip) or in any way create a risk factor that would affect the safety of the competition participants.
  • Should it be necessary to rent a temporary wooden floor, competition & facility officials, along with the floor installers, shall check the surface for uneven seams, gaps, warped or splintered areas and shall ensure that the flooring has been properly fitted and aligned prior to the beginning of the event. Edges and corners shall be clearly defined or marked. A temporary floor should be the size of a regulation basketball court (approx 84 feet long x 50 feet wide) or larger.


  • The type of flooring material shall be stated in the competition brochure should the flooring be anything other than wood.
  • If the flooring is not wood, open practice time should be made available to the athletes prior to the competition in order to try out the floor, if at all possible.
  • This motion to be inserted into the CBTF Policy Manual, CBTF Competition Manual and CBTF Risk Management Policy.

Effective: Immediately