Several positions on the CBTF Technical Committee and Executive are scheduled for election this year.

The deadline for nominations to be received by the Nomination Committee for the six positions listed below is August 31, 2023 (refer to the attached Nomination Form for email address - contact Jeff Johnson at past-presidentatcbtf [dot] ca if you need instructions for submitting your nomination by regular mail). Elections will be held at the 2023 CBTF Annual General Meeting during the 2023 CBTF Fall Conference, September 16-17, 2023 using Zoom.

All six positions will be elected for a 2-year term: 2023 AGM through 2025 AGM.

To make a nomination, both the nominator and the nominee must be CBTF members in good standing.

The attached form includes further details about the nomination requirements and nomination submission process for each position. This forms should be used to nominate someone for any of the following positions:

  • President
  • 2nd Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Badge Officer (Skills Development Program Representative)
  • Group Events Representative
  • Sanction Officer

CBTF requires the consent of the nominee to allow her/his name to stand for any of these positions. Before submitting a nomination, please contact the potential nominee and obtain their consent to allow their name to stand for nomination. Include this consent when submitting the Nomination Form - forwarding an email confirmation is satisfactory.

The Skills Development Program (SDP) is a comprehensive, progressional model for the sport of baton twirling with the focus of equal development in all three modes of twirling as well as body technique elements following the CBTF Long-Term Development strategy. The SDP strives to be a national program that builds a strong technical foundation with a consistent approach to development, terminology, and training of baton twirling and body technique skills for every twirler across Canada.

The SDP's key objective are:

  1. To develop the physical literacy skills necessary to progress in the sport of baton twirling - Balance, coordination, posture, strength, flexibility, ambidexterity, speed, control, and endurance
  2. To develop to social skills necessary to be successful - Self-confidence, discipline, concentration, memorization, commitment, and dedication

Each badge is divided in two parts: Baton Skills and Body Work. In order, the Program consists of the: Active Start I (White Ribbon), Active Start II (Red Ribbon), Yellow Badge, Orange Badge, Red Badge, Maroon Badge, Bronze Pin, Bronze Rolls, Bronze 2-Baton, Grey Badge, Green Badge, Turquoise Badge, Pink Badge, Silver Pin, Silver Rolls, Silver 2-Baton, Purple Badge, Blue Badge, Gold Pin, Gold Rolls, Gold 2-Baton, Copper Badge, Diamond Pin, Black Badge, and Maple Leaf Pin.

The Skills Development Program is supported by a comprehensive online technical resource, available by subscription within the CBTF CanTwirl App. The Skills Development Program within CanTwirl includes written descriptions and video demonstrations for all skills in the program (over 300). CanTwirl is available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and also in Google Play for Android devices.