The CBTF Skills Development Program (SDP) is a progressional skills program, with an emphasis on growth and advancement. It offers the recreational athlete an incentive to continue in his/her own personal growth within the sport. The SDP offers an opportunity to advance and eventually learn and perform elements similar to the World Level athlete.

Each badge is divided into two parts: Baton Technique and Body Technique. In order, the program consists of the White Ribbon, Yellow Badge, Orange Badge, Red Badge, Maroon Badge, Bronze Pin, Bronze Rolls, Bronze 2-Baton, Grey Badge, Green Badge, Silver Pin, Silver Rolls, Silver 2-Baton, Turquoise Badge, Pink Badge, Gold Pin, Gold Rolls, Gold 2-Baton and Diamond Pin.

The SDP is supported by a manual which includes a complete description of how to perform each element in each Badge/Pin and how to participate in the program. A DVD is also available to provide visual aid and support the Manual.