CBTF Coaching Program Realignment - Project Update Webinar

Material from the February 2018 webinar that provided an update on the Coaching Program Realignment Project is now available for viewing online. The recorded webinar and the slides (including slides added from the Q&A portion of the webinar) are both listed below.

The Coaching Program Realignment is making several significant changes to the CBTF Coaching education programs:

  • The new program is aligned with our Long-Term Athlete Development structure, rather than being based on our event categories.
  • At each program level, we distinguish between:
    • In-Training (taking Theory)
    • Trained (completed Practical)
    • Certified (demonstrated success with athletes)
  • The new program makes extensive use of online delivery and quizzes. Coaches can move through this section of the program at their own pace.
  • The Certification Courses are targeted to be one day long so they can be scheduled more easily, and are designed to make use of ‘warm bodies’ so they truly assess a candidate's coaching skills.


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