Coach-In-Training (CIT) Course

The course and CIT Handbook are available at no charge to the applicant through the CBTF Education Portal.

The pre-requisites for taking the Coach-In-Training Course are:

  1. You must be 13 years of age
  2. You must be registered with a club and hold any type of athlete membership or Type D (full member) in your provincial association
  3. You must have a Mentor Coach in place

The CIT Course is an optional two-year course, that will provide you with valuable learning and experience leading up to taking the Baton Twirling Foundations course when you are 15 years of age.

Part 1 (Year 1) is made up of THEORY content. This is an online course. There are lessons and quizzes that you may do at your own pace. You can stop and start as needed, and when you return to the online course, you will continue where you left off.

In order to receive a certificate in CIT Part 1, you will be required to also complete 15-20 hours of in-gym coaching time with your mentor coach, along with 2-3 hours of community development. There are no NCCP requirements at this level, and there is no formal evaluation. However, you will receive feedback from your mentor coach throughout the year, and you will be required to maintain a log confirming that you have fulfilled your practical requirements.

Part 2 (Year 2) is purely practical content. You will be required to complete another 15-20 hours of in-gym coaching time with your mentor coach, 5-7 hours of officiating and/or administrative tasks, and 2-3 hours of community development in order to receive your certificate in CIT Part 2.