Judges Selected for 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship

December 2, 2023 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is pleased to announce the following judges have accepted a position on the panel for the 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship in Ontario:

  • Kim Genton - CBTF National Judges' Rep
  • Sheri Carter
  • Wendy Cruickshank
  • Tracy Eyssens
  • Natalie Fehres
  • Stephanie Hewis
  • Andrea James
  • Amy Kalin
  • Deardra Leslie
  • Michael Lopez
  • Kelda Piluke

Continuing with the policy implemented in 2010, all applicants were assessed by a Judge Selection Committee on two factors:

  • the results of a series of practical judging assignments (80%)
  • their commitment to, and participation in, continuing professional development as reported on their application (20%)

The Selection Committee, appointed in October, was comprised of CBTF Technical Chair Dana Peteleski, CBTF Coaches Rep Maureen Johnson, Trina Cimino, Jeff Johnson, Nancy Lightheart, and Jennifer Olson. The CBTF Board extends its thanks to this group for the thought and consideration they exercised while determining this judging panel.

Congratulations to the entire panel as they prepare for this exciting opportunity.