Submitted By: Cassandra Frank

When is it Time to Throw Out Your Makeup?

All make up expires at some point and should be discarded due to health and quality concerns. Despite preservatives, bacteria will grow in makeup especially if it has not been stored properly. Bacteria can cause several mild and more severe health issues which are easily avoidable. Old makeup also lacks the smoothness and quality of new, bacteria free, makeup.

Submitted By: Sara Thibeault

Sometimes competition can be stressful, but if you know how to handle it, a little bit of stress can be helpful!

Submitted By: Danielle Priel

Have you ever been nervous to twirl in front of judges or a lot of people? Well, you’re not alone.  Many other twirlers feel the same way.  Here are some mental training suggestions to boost your confidence.

Submitted By: Cassandra Frank

Importance of a Good Training Diet

There are no miracle meals that can be consumed prior to, during, or after a competition that will compensate for a poor training diet. Athletes should always eat a well-balanced diet rich in complex carbohydrates to prevent chronic energy depletion and nutritional deficiencies. Along with proper nutrition athletes should always consume lots of water to remain hydrated when training.