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2019 ICQ Preliminary Results - 3 Baton

The CBTF Contingent Hotel Worksheet and Payment Forms are now available.

A document and information checklist is also included.

Questions about the Contingent Package or the Package Payment Forms should be directed to the WC Contingent Coordinator at officeatcbtf [dot] ca.

Contingent Managers, Steven Kopas and Nancy Lightheart, need to collect some personal and health information from all athletes so they can better serve the needs of the Contingent members.

This form contains a release allowing team management to seek medical treatment for your child in the event of an emergency.

Canadian International Cup Athletes will participate in the Team Canada Secret Pal Exchange!

The objective is to foster team spirit and to help your Secret Pal feel happy, motivated and part of the team through little gifts, notes, cards, positive phrases, pictures etc.

Secret Pals will be assigned by our Team Managers, Steven Kopas and Nancy Lightheart. Don't tell anyone who your Secret Pal is - try and keep it a secret until the final exchange on August 5!

All members of the CBTF International Cup Contingent (athletes, coaches, judges, officials) are ambassadors for Baton Twirling in Canada and of the CBTF. This privilege is accompanied by certain expectations and responsibilities, as outlined in the attached Code of Conduct.

These Team Rules are made so that all Contingent members have the best possible experience. Let’s all work together to present a top-notch image and leave a positive image – a goal to which everyone must strive equally.

May 3, 2019 - The Information Package and Entry Forms for the 2019 Canadian Winner/Championships are attached.

A few details to note:

Location: University of Regina
Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport
Regina, Saskatchewan
Entry Deadline: AB, BC, MB: May 12 2019
NB, NS, SK: May 19 2019
Location: Glenmore Christian Academy
Calgary, Alberta
Entry Deadline: May 21 2019
Sanction: ABTA: AB- 19-355
CBTF: Pending
Event Contact:
Location: Brampton, ON
Entry Deadline: May 19 2019
Sanction: OBTA: ON-19-1005B
CBTF: Pending
Event Contact: