Risk Management Policy


  • The Competition Director or designate and/or the Head Judge shall have the authority to immediately stop the competition whenever a risk factor related to safety becomes evident.
  • If this situation occurs during individual competition, the competition on the lane where the situation occurs shall be stopped on that lane only by the competition director and/or the judge judging that event.
  • If an athlete must leave the competition to seek outside medical assistance because of a situation that has occurred during a competition, the athlete shall require a Medical Certificate stating that he/she may continue competing at that competition.
  • If the situation involves a medical injury or illness (that does not require outside medical assistance), the Competition Director, in consultation with authorized medical personnel, shall determine whether the athlete(s) may be allowed to continue competing.

The above items must be included in competition brochures or otherwise be made known to all competition participants.

  • If a risk factor related to safety becomes evident during a CBTF sanctioned event other than a competition, the Event Coordinator or person in charge will have the authority to stop the event until the safety issue is resolved.


  • All facilities where CBTF sanctioned competitions are held must have hardwood flooring for the main competition floor.  The practice gym/area should also have hardwood flooring, if at all possible.
  • Flooring must be safe and properly maintained with no obstacles, broken parts or any other risk factor that would affect the safety of the competition participants.
  • Flooring for other CBTF sanctioned events (clinics, workshops, etc) must be suitable and safe for participants.
  • No tarp flooring is permitted.
  • Flooring should not be slippery or sticky.


  • 15 feet wide: Compulsory Moves, Pre-Events, Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Duet
  • 30 feet wide: Medley, Solo Dance Twirl
  • 50 feet x 84 feet: CBTF Group Events
  • Minimum 40 feet wide: Short Program (during team trial events)
  • 50 feet x 80 feet: WBTF Pairs and Teams
  • 50 feet x 60 feet: WBTF Freestyle
    (WBTF Rules state that these boundaries will not be strictly interpreted as boundaries per se but the size of the floor that is available to the freestyle athletes.  Should an athlete step on or across the lines, the judges shall determine whether or not this is cause for lowering the score based on the athlete’s floor pattern and use of the space.)


  • For Individual and Duet events held at Canadians, a pre-determined number of sets may warm up on the main competition floor as determined by the Competition Director and CBTF Technical Chair. 
  • Competition Directors at Open and Provincial competitions may employ whatever method best suits their situation (based on number of athletes, practice area availability and time restrictions) with regard for risk management.


  • Should a mishap occur at a competition, the judge(s) who were affected by the mishap will direct the athlete/group to stop competing and, in consultation with the Head Judge and the Competition Director, assess the severity of the incident to determine whether the athlete/group will re-compete or not.  If so, the athlete/group will start at the beginning of the routine and judging will re-commence at the point where the mishap occurred.
  • Examples of Mishaps: costume failure, power failure, music failure
  • Clarification: The CBTF Risk Management Policy will apply to more serious situations (eg: accidents, injuries).


  • Individual/Duet Events at Canadians - each athlete/duet will be provided a 12’ x 12’ area
  • CBTF/WBTF Team, Dance Twirl Teams – the next three competing teams
  • Corps – the next two competing corps
  • Individual/Pair Events at National Team Trials – the next seven competing individuals/pairs

Revision 3 - November 2009