2014 FBM MOTION #3

Alison Pickrell moved that Industry Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (eff July 1, 2014) be adopted by CBTF and the following procedures be adopted:

  1. CBTF to appoint a National Anti-Spam Compliance Officer (NASCO). Duties and responsibilities shall include:
    1. Responsible for distributing promotional emails and other electronic communications among CBTF members.
    2. Create, manage and maintain the following:
      • “Do Not Email List” – those members who have indicated to CBTF that they do not wish to be contacted electronically.
      • “Express Consent List” – those members who have provided express consent to receive electronic messages pertaining to CBTF.
      • “Implied Consent List” – those members who have implicitly consented to receive electronic messages pertaining to CBTF.
  2. Only the NASCO, or designate, shall be responsible to send commercial electronic messages to members on the Express Consent and Implied Consent lists.
  3. CBTF membership form to include a spot for all members to give their consent to CBTF to send information to them via electronic means.
  4. CBTF’s Anti-Spam Policy shall be developed and added to the CBTF Policy Manual.
  5. NASCO position shall be added into the CBTF Policy Manual.

DIRECTIVE: CBTF to develop a national policy by July 1, 2015. DIRECTIVE: 2015-16 Membership forms to be revised to include a member’s consent.

DIRECTIVE: Provinces to insure they are in compliance with this legislation by July 1, 2015.