Technical Tools

December 14, 2021 - At the 2021 CBTF Fall Conference, the Level B Short Program was adopted for BA athletes effective January 1 2022.

December 3, 2023 - Footwork for Element 4 (Back Neck Rolls) has been clarified and an additional demonstration video is included below. PLEASE NOTE that the finish position for Element 4 is meant to be Corner 4.

We have prepared a manual describing this event, along with a Start and End position quick reference and a demonstration video.

Material from the November 2020 webinar that introduced the new CBTF role  model video and scripts, for Medley, Solo DanceTwirl, Duet, DanceTwirl Team, and PomPom Team events.

The CBTF Role Model Video page is also on the website. The written descriptions are also attached below, for reference.


Demonstration video the CBTF Level B and Level C The WBTF Role Model video is available for viewing online.

Use the links below to jump to the demonstration video for each event:

Material from the November 2020 webinar that introduced the new Level B and Level C Compulsory Move role model video and scripts.

The Level B & C Compulsory Move written descriptions are also attached, for reference.


November 15, 2020 - At the 2020 Fall Conference, Freestyle and Pair Requirements and Content Restrictions were approved and are effective January 1, 2021. These Suggested Requirements and Content Restrictions have been packaged into the attached document, for easy reference.

Material from the November 2020 webinar that reviewed the new Solo DanceTwirl scoresheet and provided some tools for judging the Solo DanceTwirl event.


October 13, 2022 - The Continuing Professional Development tracking spreadsheets are attached below. Please ensure you are using the tracking sheet that corresponds with the season you are tracking!

Please review the attached list of resources as you plan for the upcoming year, and circulate it to your clubs and provincial associations.

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The CBTF Coaching Courses have been designed to be completed in stages. There are four stages to becoming fully certified at each coaching level:

NOTE: September 13 changes have been approved and are included in the attached written description. The changes bring the written description into alignment with the demonstration video.

September 20, 2019: one additional correction has been included.

February 23, 2020: following the WBTF Winter Meetings, there was a a small change to the written description and the demonstration video has been updated.