IC 2011 Jacket Order Form

All contingent athletes are required to wear the Canadian International Cup uniform at official events and as directed by the Team Manager. The uniform consists of:

  1. Official 2011 International Cup jacket (order form attached)
  2. Plain black stretch pants. Female athletes should purchase their own plain black stretch pants - yoga-style preferred. New pants should have flared or bootcut hems and not have any colored trim, stripes or waistband. Male athletes may wear plain black competition pants.

The 2011 International Cup Jacket Order Form can be submitted to:

  1. Your Fitting Coordinator, if they are collecting the forms
  2. Jeff, at the Qualifier, if you are fitting your jacket there
  3. Directly to the Team Manager, if no fitting is scheduled for your area

Forms should be returned at your fitting or absolutely no later than May 22 (if you are submitting directly to Steve).

Refer to the Key Deadlines & Contacts thread for contact information.