Nomination Details - Lynda Garland Award For Excellence

The Lynda Garland "Award For Excellence" is presented to a Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) Technical Association member who has made long-term contributions to the sport of Baton Twirling.

Athlete, technical members, or parents may send a resume regarding the Technical Association member's achievements. The resume, outlining the criteria and background described below, is sent to Lynda Garland directly (lyndahgarlandatgmail [dot] com).




This award shall be presented to a CBTF Technical Association member who demonstrates excellence in the following areas:

  • Has made long term contributions to the sport of Baton Twirling locally, provincially, nationally and internationally such as:
    • assisted in the development of CBTF courses and programs
    • developed and/or contributed to the creation of manuals and videos
    • volunteer involvement (eg: administrative, technical)
  • Is supportive of all CBTF events and programs
  • Seeks continual professional growth through exposure to baton-related events (e.g., clinics, workshops, competitions, courses) and other related disciplines (e.g., dance, theatre, gymnastics, skating and cultural activities)
  • Presents a positive, professional image; adheres to the rules, creeds, and policies of CBTF including the Technical Association Professionalism Policy. 
  • Demonstrates integrity, responsibility, and dedication to the sport of baton twirling
  • Demonstrates concern for the all-round development of all athletes and technical members

Should the nominee be a coach:

  • He/she has coached baton twirling lessons, clinics, camps or workshops locally, provincially, nationally and/or internationally.
  • His/her club and/or individual athletes have consistently improved, achieved personal goals and experienced success.
  • He/she epitomizes the very essence of the meaning of Coach - an individual who adheres to the CBTF Coaches’ Creed, teaches, mentors, guides, supports, encourages and above all, has a positive long-term influence on the athletes he/she has coached.

Should the nominee be a judge:

  • He/she has judged baton competitions locally, provincially, nationally and/or internationally.
  • He/she adheres to the CBTF Judges’ Creed, Judges’ Code of Conduct & Ethics and Judges Uniform Policy.
  • He/she epitomizes the very essence of the meaning of Judge – an individual who fairly assesses the routines before them without bias or conflict of interest, keeps updated on all judging rules & regulations, reflects a positive attitude in their communications, and, above all, has a positive long-term influence on the athletes he/she has judged.


Please prepare a profile (maximum 250 words) based on the above Criteria and including the following:

  • List in which capacity(ies) the Nominee has served the CBTF (eg: administrator, advisory, volunteer, coach, adjudicator, course conductor, judge).  
  • What contributions has he/she made to the development of baton in Canada?

One recipient may be chosen by Lynda Garland for presentation at the Awards Ceremony of either the Canadian Team Trials or the Canadian Championship. Nominations shall be accepted from any current CBTF member. The recipient’s profile may be printed in the Canadians Program. A profile summary will be given during the presentation ceremonies at Canadians.