Nomination Details - Lynda Garland Award For Excellence

The Lynda Garland "Award For Excellence" is presented to a Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) Coach who exemplifies excellent progressive coaching, superior technical abilities and provides innovative ideas and programs.

Athlete, Coaches or parents may send a resume regarding the coach's achievements. The resume, outlining the criteria and background described below, is sent to Lynda Garland directly (lynda [dot] garlandatmohawkcollege [dot] ca).




This award shall be presented to a CBTF Coach who demonstrates excellence in the following areas:

  • Coaches at lessons, clinics and workshops provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • His/her club and individual athletes consistently improve; achieve personal goals and experience success.
  • Has made long term contributions to the sport of Baton Twirling such as: assistance in the development of coaching courses, manuals and videos, volunteer involvement provincially and nationally, supportive of all CBTF & WBTF events & programs (ie. International Cup, Pan-Pacific and, beginning in 2023, IBTF World Championship and Nations Cup)
  • Seeks continual professional growth through exposure to other related disciplines (dance, theatre, gymnastics, skating, cultural activities) and baton-related events (coaching & athlete clinics/workshops, competitions)
  • Presents a positive, professional image; adhering to the rules and policies of the CBTF and WBTF and follows the CBTF Coaches Creed.
  • Demonstrates integrity, responsibility and dedication.
  • Demonstrates concern for the all-round development of the athlete.
  • Typifies the very essence of the meaning of Coach – an individual who teaches, mentors, guides, supports, encourages and above all, has a positive long-term influence of the athlete he/she has coached.

Background Information

Include  Athlete, Coaches or parents may send a resume regarding the coach's achievements. The resume, outlining the criteria, is to be sent to Lynda Garland directly (lynda [dot] garlandatmohawkcollege [dot] ca).

  • What is the coach’s background as an athlete?  Briefly outline highlights of career.
  • How long has the individual been coaching?
  • What is the size of the coach’s club?  What is integrated into the total program - dance, gymnastics, conditioning, sports psychology or other areas?
  • If no club affiliation, what involvement does the coach have with athletes?
  • What is the level of the coach’s teaching and training expertise?
  • What disciplines does the coach offer, e.g. team, multiple baton, solo events, pairs, duets, World Baton Twirling Federation events?
  • What other professional attributes have enhanced their coaching ability?
  • Have they or any of their athletes attended the WBTF World Baton Twirling Championships, WBTF International Cup or any other International baton twirling championships?