Nomination Form - President's Cup Award

The nomination form for the President's Cup Award is attached.

Completed Nomination Forms should be sent to the CBTF President, Joanne Moser. Nominations may be sent by email to presidentatcbtf [dot] ca - this is the preferred method. If Regular Mail is necessary, first email presidentatcbtf [dot] ca and request instructions.

The deadline to complete and submit the nomination form is: May 1, 2024.

The nomination requires a one paragraph profile of the Nominee, not to exceed 250 words, that supports initiatives, innovations and achievements taken by the Nominee that validate consideration for this award.

Please note: Any CBTF Member in good standing may make a nomination for the President's Cup Award. The nominee must be a CBTF Member in good standing.

This award will be presented to a person or group of persons, club, province, group, etc. and is intended to recognize how they have demonstrated and implemented innovation in the sport of Baton Twirling in Canada, aimed at new ways of delivering, performing, supporting, or continuing the sport in the face of adversity. The nominator and the nominee must be CBTF members.

While initially the pandemic of 2020 is the foundation and originating event that initiated this award, it is not and will not be the only occurrence that could support improvement or advancement of Baton Twirling in Canada. Any innovation in the sport that creates new approaches, concepts, programming, or advances of any kind to continue the development and growth of the sport in the future, while in the face of adversity, may be considered.