WBTF Role Model Video

The WBTF Role Model video is available for viewing online. Each event has been listed in a separate video.

These videos are presented in this method as a service to our Technical membership, but these online videos should not be considered a complete substitute for WBTF resources, including any performance example scripts and WBTF event capsule summaries.Use the links below to jump to the role model video for each event:


WBTF Short Program Proficiency Examples - Required Elements

(please note: the Contact Material Required Element in the above video has been replaced with separate Vertical and Horizontal Contact Material Required Elements, which are shown below)


WBTF Short Program Proficiency Examples - Required Elements (revised Contact Material)


WBTF Short Program Proficiency Examples - Composition/Performance


Freestyle - Fair


Freestyle - Average


Freestyle - Good


Freestyle - Excellent


Freestyle - Superior



These performance examples have recently been updated. Please refer to WBTF resources for these role model examples.




IC Solo


IC 2-Baton


IC 3-Baton


IC Artistic Twirl


IC Artistic Pair


IC Group