Membership Types

Latest Revision: September 2020


All members of the CBTF must hold a current CBTF Provincial/Territorial membership from the province/territory in which they reside, or a Direct Membership with CBTF if their province/territory does not have a CBTF-affiliated provincial organization. Individuals must be members in good standing with the provincial/territorial association in which they reside to participate in any event, activity or competition sanctioned by the CBTF.



TYPE A (Competitive)

  • Individual/Duet Event Athletes
  • CBTF/WBTF/International Cup Team & Group Members
  • Athletes are eligible to participate in the CBTF Skills Development Program and may enter and compete in all Level C/BN/BI/BA/A Open Competitions, Level B, BN, BI, BA and A Winner/Championship Events, the International Cup Qualifier, International Cup, Provincial & National Team Trial Events and WBTF/IBTF Events.

TYPE B (Pre-Competitive)

  • All Graded Event Athletes
  • All Pre-Competitive Event Athletes
  • Athletes are eligible to participate in the CBTF Skills Development Program and may enter the Pre-Competitive Events at CBTF sanctioned competitions.

TYPE BR (Recreational)

  • Skill Development Program Athletes
  • Athletes are eligible to participate in recreational programs and the CBTF Skills Development Program.  They may not enter Pre-Competitive or Competitive Individual, Duet or Group events at CBTF sanctioned competitions.

Participation in the CBTF Skills Development Program’s White Ribbon shall be permitted without the requirement of holding a current CBTF membership providing that the participant’s coach is a CBTF registered coach and lessons/events are sanctioned. Should the participant wish to continue in other CBTF programs, he/she will be required to purchase a membership.

TYPE T1 (Technical Member, Voting)

  • Adjudicators
  • Coaches
  • Judges
  • Course Conductors\

TYPE T2 (Technical, Youth Non-Voting)

  • Member must be 18 years or younger in order to hold a Type T2 membership
  • Type T2 members are not entitled to vote

TYPE D (Full Member)

  • A Type D membership is required to hold any national Board or Executive position, nationally or provincially
  • Voting members, non-competitive


  • Volunteer
  • Non-voting

TYPE G (Group athlete)

  • Group Athletes only
  • Athletes are eligible to participate in CBTF Pre-Competitive Program and Competitive Program groups, and may enter those events at CBTF-sanctioned competitions.
  • This membership does not allow athletes to participate in WBTF or IBTF group events, at WBTF and IBTF qualifying competitions (a Type A membership is required).


Should an athlete from another country wish to compete in a CBTF sanctioned Open Competition only, he/she must hold a current membership in his/her own country.  Also, he/she must provide proof that his/her coach is currently registered as a coach in his/her own country.