2015 Canadian Contingent Package Payment Forms

The CBTF Contingent Hotel Worksheet and Payment Forms are now available.

Details about the various options in the Canadian Contingent Package are also posted online.

Questions about the Contingent Package or the Package Payment Forms should be directed to the IC Contingent Coordinator at ic2015atcbtf [dot] ca.

The Hotel Worksheet and Package Payment forms, and payment, can be submitted at any time during the IC Qualifier or at the Contingent Meeting on May 18.

Regarding the Hotel/Residence option... Coaches across the country were polled earlier in this year and indicated the accomodation choice for their club. Athletes from those clubs are required to choose the accommodation that was selected by their coach at that time. If you have any doubt about the accommodation location selected for your club - contact Joanne Moser at ic2015atcbtf [dot] ca.