2015 Grand Prix Final Results

Complete results from the second day of competition can be found on the Grand Prix section of IBTF website.

Complete Final Round results from Day 5 competition can be found in the International Cup section of WBTF.ORG.

Overall results for Canadian athletes:

Junior Women Solo

  • 11th: Jasmine Runge
  • 14th: Mackenize Ross
  • 17th: Sarah Doherty
  • 18th: Josi Treleaven
  • 19th: Cassidy Doherty

Senior Women Solo

  • 8th: Nicole Johnson
  • 13th: Kiera West
  • 15th: Alyssa Larade
  • 17th: Chantal Sutton
  • 22nd: Amber MacDonald
  • 25th: Shawna Spencer

Junior Men Solo

  • 9th: Yonatan Orlov

Senior Men Solo

  • Gold: Matthew Johnson

Junior Women 2Baton

  • 13th: Jasmine Runge
  • 14th: Cassidy Doherty
  • 15th: Sarah Doherty
  • 17th: Josi Treleaven
  • 18th: Mackenzie Ross
  • 20th: Sophie Lightheart

Senior Women 2Baton

  • 4th: Nicole Johnson
  • 13th: Chantal Sutton
  • 15th: Alyssa Larade
  • 18th: Shawna Spencer
  • 20th: Amber MacDonald

Adult Women 2Baton

  • 11th: Danelle Mocknowed

Senior Men 2Baton

  • 4th: Matthew Johnson


  • 5th: The Matrix, Sundown Optimist Buffalo Gals
  • 7th: Paint It Black, Camaros