2017 IC Qualifier Gym Rental Form

The request form for Practice Gym Rental Time (available to Provinces, Clubs, or Individuals) is attached.

Important Notes

  • Gym time will be allocated as equitably as possible for requests received no later than April 3rd.
  • Provincial requests will take precedence over club requests, which will take precedence over individual requests
  • Requests received AFTER April 3rd will be accommodated as space permits
  • A registered CBTF Level 2 or 3 Coach must present be during paid practice times
  • The music system will be available for the Competition Gym (centre court) only
  • Music may be used in the Competiion Gym only
  • Do not send payment until you have received confirmation of your assigned times
  • Both gyms are identical in terms of size, ceiling height, lighting, and floor surface

Rental Requests should be emailed no later than April 3rd to: cindy [dot] goldieatshaw [dot] ca

You will be invoiced once the final schedule has been released.