Canadian Contingent Code of Conduct and Penalties

Revision 1: September 2020

As a member of the CBTF Contingent, you are an ambassador for Baton Twirling in Canada and of the CBTF. This privilege is accompanied by certain expectations and responsibilities which must be followed for the entire duration specified by CBTF for which you are considered a member of the Canadian Contingent. These dates will be provided by CBTF.

Any violation of team rules will be brought to the attention of the coach, the Team Manager and the CBTF President. Penalties have been established and will be assessed by the Team Manager for each breach of the Code. A serious breach will result in the termination of the offender’s participation in the competition.

During the specified time you are designated as a member of the Canadian Contingent, the following Code of Conduct applies:

All Members

  1. Exemplary behaviour, good sportsmanship and positive attitudes must always be displayed.
  2. Absolutely no use of banned substances (as outlined by WADA) will be tolerated throughout the year leading up to the competition. The CBTF and WBTF/IBTF both adhere to the IOC Anti-Doping Code. Athletes and Judges may be selected for anti-doping testing while at the competition. It is the responsibility of each contingent member to be familiar with the Anti-Doping Code and to ensure they are not in violation.
  3. Contingent members are required to adhere to the daily itinerary as provided by the Team Manager or CBTF. This includes all scheduled practices, contingent activities, meetings or other scheduled events. It is the responsibility of each contingent member to follow the daily schedule that is published by the Team Manager either through an onsite message board or social media platforms.
  4. Contingent members are expected to be on time for all scheduled contingent activities. Activities will not be held up for anyone who is late (ie: transportation, etc).
  5. All Canadian Contingent members must follow the Dress Code as established by the Team Manager. This includes:
    • Wearing the Canadian Team Tracksuit in good condition when requested. Sleeves and pant hems are not to be rolled up, no decals, badges or other personal touches are to be affixed to the tracksuit except those specified by CBTF. The Canadian Team jacket should not be wrapped around your waist. During any ceremonies, the tracksuit will be completely zipped up and full-length blank pants and black shoes are to be worn.
    • Wearing team colours for contingent practices and competition days. Approved colours are red, white and black for tops and black bottoms only. Sports bras will be permitted in hot locations, but they must be appropriate and must be black only. No other colours are permitted. Appropriate footwear must also be worn, no flip flops or footwear that is unsafe for walking long distances. Practice attire must be appropriate and maintain a sporting image. No offensive language or graphics may be worn.
    • For any activity where it is your personal choice for apparel (athlete’s party, welcome reception or other), clothing must be respectful and appropriate. No cut-offs will be allowed. No offensive language or graphics may be worn.
  6. Contingent members are required to attend and remain in the competition facility unless permission has been granted by their Coach and the Team Manager (for athletes) and by the Team Manager (for coaches). Remaining at the competition facility will ensure that all competing athletes will have the full support of the rest of the Canadian Contingent.
  7. Smoking will not be tolerated during practices, competition or other Canadian contingent activities. Smoking should only be done in private and away from other contingent members, being respectful of the host country’s bylaws.
  8. No Contingent activity can be missed for any reason unless specific permission has been granted in advance by the Team Manager or CBTF Executive. The only exception in-country will be for medical reasons. Contingent activities include: all scheduled practices, welcome reception, team meals, competition dates, contingent photos, ceremonies, meetings and any other activity identified by CBTF or the Team Manager.



  1. Contingent coaches and officials will always conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner while on the trip. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to, the abuse of drugs or alcohol. It is strongly encouraged not to consume alcohol in the presence of the athletes.



  1. Curfew – Athletes must be in their rooms by 9:00 pm, or earlier as specified by your coach, until all competition days have been completed.



The Canadian Contingent Code of Conduct penalties are as follows:

  • 1st Warning - Verbal
  • 2nd Warning - Monetary
    • Dress Code - $50
    • Missed Practice - $100
    • Leaving Competition without permission - $100
    • Missed Curfew (not on premises) - $200
  • 3rd Warning - Termination of Participation

Drug or Alcohol Use - Immediate termination of participation at that competition. Participation in future events will be directed to the CBTF Executive for review.

Multiple breaches – Review by CBTF Executive to determine eligibility to participate in future international competitions.

Penalties to be issued by Team Manager(s) in consultation with CBTF President or predetermined delegate in his/her place.