International Cup 2019 Qualifier Declarations

Athletes (Individuals, Pairs, Teams and Groups) interested in becoming members of the Canadian contingent that will participate in the International Cup and Grand Prix being hosted in Limoges, France August 5-8, 2019 must first declare their intent to compete.

Declarations (and Deposits) must be received no later than November 25, 2018 to ensure consideration.

All athletes are required to compete at the 2019 International Cup Qualifier, regardless of the number of declarations received in any particular event/level/division. The International Cup Qualifier will be held May 17-20, 2019, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

All athletes qualifying for the 2019 International Cup are also required to compete in the corresponding event at the 2019 Canadian Winner/Championship, which is being held in Regina, Saskatchewan June 30-July 4, 2019.

Further information about the Declaration process, along with the Declaration forms themselves, are attached below.