Direct Members

Latest Revision: December 2020


Persons who reside in provinces that do not have a CBTF affiliated provincial association can become members of CBTF as Direct Members Participation in CBTF programs/events shall be determined by the Membership Type purchased.


Qualification for Canadian Team Trials and Winner/Championship

The following procedure shall apply to the hosting of provincial qualifying events for athletes from member provinces and athletes from non-member provinces:

  • A member province’s chair or coach representing a non-CBTF member province’s Direct Members to contact the chair of a CBTF member province requesting that a provincials qualifying event for their province be held in conjunction with the member province’s provincials. This must be done well in advance of the proposed date.
  • Once discussed and approved by the CBTF member province’s board, the provincial chair shall send a request in writing to the CBTF President asking for CBTF approval to act as host for the small province/ non-member province. The CBTF Sanction Officer shall be notified by the host province when approval is granted.The hosting province shall submit two sanction request forms to their provincial sanction officer – one for each province. The PSO shall then forward them to the National Sanction Officer who will assign a national sanction number for the event.
  • One entry brochure shall be produced by the host province featuring a separate listing for each province’s provincial qualifying individual, duet, group and team trials events. One person shall handle the entry processing for both provinces.  Handling of financial and administrative issues shall be discussed and agreed upon by the two provinces. An open competition with individual, duet and group events may be held and athletes from both provinces may enter.
  • The host province shall report the results of both provincial qualifying events to the CBTF data entry coordinator.
  • Each province shall be responsible to send in their own members’ entry forms to the Canadian entry processor. Direct members from a non-CBTF member province shall be responsible to submit their own entries.  Canadian entry deadline policy shall apply.