All contingent athletes are required to wear the Canadian International Cup uniform at official events and as directed by the Team Manager. The uniform consists of:

The IC 2011 Contingent Package is attached. It contains information about the package options, the Hotel Room Worksheet and the Traveler Payment Form.

The Hotel Room Worksheet and the Traveler Payment Form must be completed and received by Jeff Johnson no later than May 24.

I am posting the 2011 Declaration spreadsheet. I will update it whenever I get new information. It is easier for me to do it this way than remember to email it out when there is an update.

At this point, this spreadsheet is only accessible by the following:

  • Elan Paluck
  • Steven Kopas
  • Rob Pollit

Canadian International Cup Athletes will participate in the Team Canada Secret Pal Exchange!

The Secret Pal Exchange will run from August 1 through August 7. On the final day, as part of the Wrap-Up Event, everyone will try and guess who their Secret Pal was.

As part of the athlete accreditation process, the WBTF requires that each athlete provides a Health Certificate indicating they are in generally good health and is fit to compete.

All members of the CBTF International Cup Contingent (athletes, coaches, judges, officials) are ambassadors for Baton Twirling in Canada and of the CBTF. This privilege is accompanied by certain expectations and responsibilities, as outlined in the attached Code of Conduct.

Steve Kopas, Contingent Manager, needs to collect some personal and health information from all athletes.

March 1, 2011 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is now accepting applications for the position of Team Manager for the Canadian Contingent to the 2011 WBTF International Cup in Jacksonville, Florida.