Level B Short Program Pilot Project

When the WBTF introduced Short Program, it was a Seniors-only event that replaced Compulsory Moves in the Freestyle competition. They have recently introduced a Junior version of the Short Program, and it has now replaced Compulsory Moves for Junior.

With Compulsory Moves now gone from the A Level, this seems like an opportune time to consider introducing a form of Short Program to our B level Freestyle athletes. It would form a natural progression from the SDP Gold Pin through B Level Freestyle and into A Level Freestyle. This Pilot Project will test that idea, using the B Level Compulsory Moves as the basis for the B Level Short Program Required Elements, modified to accommodate the music and to provide a natural progression to the A Level Short Program elements.

March 23, 2021: Sample Score Sheet and Judge's Master for Junior and Senior divisions are attached below. With thanks and appreciation to Tonya Lee.


Project Details

Participation in this Pilot Project is optional. Participation can be determined on an athlete-by-athlete basis. All Competition Directors are asked to support this Pilot Project by offereing a Level B Short Program event in their competition brochures. All WBTF Master judges are expected to study the Level B Short Program Pilot Project material and be prepared to judge the event.

Clubs that choose to participate should complete the Pilot Project Follow-Up Report and send to Dana Peteleski (technicalchairatcbtf [dot] ca) by July 1 2020 for inclusion at the 2020 Fall Conference so that CBTF may evaluate the merit of the program.


What It IS / What It IS NOT

It is a project to consider a Level B Short Program event, as a natural step between the Level B Compulsory Moves and the Level A Short Program.

It is NOT being considered as a replacement to the Level B Compulsory Moves. While the WBTF has made that decision for Level A/World athletes, we are not considering the elimination of the Level C or B Compulsory Moves.

The Short Program event is structured from required elements that are derived from 5 categories of twirls (spins, stationary complex, travelling complex, rolls and contact material) which must be strictly performed as prescribed. It is performed to a standard musical selection and the elements must be performed on specific counts. This is an event  that can apply to Level B athletes as well as Level A athletes.

The Level B Short Program Pilot is modelled after the WBTF Short Program:

  • Level B Short Program will use the Level A Short Program Men's and Women's music
  • Level B Juvenile/Junior athletes will perform the Required Elements only, with no Accessory Material done between elements. This is the same as the WBTF Level A Short Program for Junior athletes.
  • Level B Senior/Collegiate athletes will perform the Required Elements with Accessory Material done between elements - these athletes will receive scores for their Required Elements and for Composition & Performance. This is the same as the WBTF Level A Short Program for Senior athletes.
  • Prime consideration will be given to the Technique of body and baton during the execution of eight required elements derived from the three Modes of Twirling (aerials, rolls and contact material).
  • The Short Program Required Elements must be performed at specific points in the music.
    • In the Juvenile/Junior divisions, athletes will have an approximate 8 count break between elements, during which they will return to the center of the floor.
    • In the Senior/Collegiate divisions, Short Program requires the additional responsibilities of conforming to the Music and displaying performance skills and develops musical interpretation, simultaneous responsibility, movement in space, staging, and continuity. These factors will be considered in the Composition & Performance scores.

The attached document provides a complete description of the Level B Short Program Pilot Project:

  • Purpose & Objective
  • Required Element written descriptions
  • Accessory Material rules, for Senior/Collegiate athletes
  • Judging Notes
  • Tabulation Notes (NOTE: the Tabulation Template file was updated Feb 26 2020)


How Are Judges Affected?

Extremely minimally!

Only WBTF Master Judges are eligible to judge the Level B Short Program during this Pilot Phase. As with the WBTF Level A Short Program:

  • the existing Compulsory judging system will be used as a basis to judge the Required Elements
  • the existing Freestyle judging system will be used as a basis to judge the Composition & Performance captions

A complete description of the judging methodology is included in the attached document.

The video below also introduces the Level B Short Program Pilot Project. It includes

  • a teaching voice-over introducing the two elements that are 'new' to Level B athletes (Travel Complex, Illusion)
  • an element-by-element comparison to show how the existing Level B Compulsory Moves are adapted to the Level B Short Program
  • performance demonstrations, for both the Juvenile/Junior division and the Senior/Collegiate division with Accessory Material