Social Media is changing the way we communicate by offering people the opportunity to take part in online communities: to access information, entertain, and share content.  The CBTF recognizes that its members may take part in social media interactions and has identified the need to establish guidelines with regards to its own social media presence.


  1. The CBTF First Vice-President shall be responsible to coordinate the nomination procedures, voting procedures and presentation of the CBTF Recognition Honours and Awards (Exception:  Lynda Garland shall coordinate all aspects of the Lynda Garland Award for Excellence).
  2. All recipients must be CBTF Members in Good Standing.
  3. All presentations shall take place during the Annual Canadian Winner/Championship competition (Exception: those given to World and International Cup participants – see below).

In recognition of their position and/or achievements, the following athletes shall be given the honour of carrying the Canadian Flag at the following events in a given year:


  • Open Competitions: Province’s choice.
    Suggestions: Provincial Athletes Rep, provincial winner or champion from previous year
  • Provincial Winner/Championship: Province’s choice.
    Suggestions: Past year’s Provincial Sr Freestyle Champion or Provincial Jr Freestyle Champion, Provincial Athletes Rep


WBTF rules are in place to ensure a fair and equitable competition at the International Cup, particularly in the B divisions. Any athlete who has placed in the Semi-Finals or Finals at a World Championship in any event may not compete in any B Level event at a WBTF Cup competition.

The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) expects that a high standard of professional conduct will be maintained by all members of the CBTF Technical Association (ie: Judges, Coaches, SDP Adjudicators, Course Conductors).



CBTF Technical Association members shall:


Athletes who are unable to compete at Provincial Winner/Championships or Provincial Team Trials due to injury, illness, bereavement or other extenuating circumstances may apply for a Bye to the next level of competition.

An athlete granted a Bye does not count towards the number of berths available to his/her province.

CBTF expects all Competition Directors to maintain a sporting image as they select and design awards for their competitions.

This CBTF Policy regarding Competition Awards was updated at the 2013 CBTF Fall Conference.


  • The Competition Director or designate and/or the Head Judge shall have the authority to immediately stop the competition whenever a risk factor related to safety becomes evident.
  • If this situation occurs during individual competition, the competition on the lane where the situation occurs shall be stopped on that lane only by the competition director and/or the judge judging that event.

CBTF shall permit the hiring of certified United States Twirling Association (USTA) and World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) Judges for open, provincial and national competitions providing the following conditions are met:

At the 2015 Fall Conference, the CBTF Judges Uniform Policy was updated (with slight revisions adopted at the 2016 Fall Conference). These revisions are meant to demonstrate professionalism to the public and create a sense of unity amongst our judges.

These changes also bring the CBTF policy closer into alignment with the WBTF Judges Uniform Policy.